GovDifferently is taking a fresh look at government.

We believe that citizens’ needs and their expectations of government are changing. Government needs to evolve to meet these expectations by adopting new ways of working and new ways of thinking.

Modern government must be quicker, more responsive and more human.

GovDifferently’s values are simple. We:

  • design for people and their needs
  • give 100% effort for every job
  • put outcomes ahead of features.

GovDifferently is founded and operated by Chris O’Connor.

Chris has been making change happen in government for 20 years. In recent years he established successful digital, smart city and transformation programs for Local Government in Melbourne’s south-east.

In the Federal government Chris led numerous change programs, strategies and operational teams at the executive level.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic commerce, postgraduate degree in public sector management and numerous certifications in innovation, agile and benefits management.

Let’s build something together.

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